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Clan Analogue’s third vinyl EP set a new standard for Australia’s early 90s electronic music scene. The EP includes an early track by dub outfit Atone, chaotic electronics from Sydney anarchist collective Non Bossy Posse, experimental acid from The Family and Blau Dot, and more! Deep at times, dark sometimes and unavoidably weird most of the time, with a hint of acid groove to boot.

“The whole fucken thing is my all time favourite Clan release. Atone, Non Bossy Posse, the Family… I perfected my production skills with this release and Toby did an amazing job with the packaging and artwork. It was gonna be called the DARK EP but we felt that sucked so changed to the DEEP EP hence the title DeEP 3.”
Brendan Palmer

Track listing

1. Soylent Green l Flying Saucers
2. Nowzero l Answer of the Void
3. Non Bossy Posse l Equalize
4. Atone l Dublife
5. Blau Dot l Garden Iguana
6. The Family l Baat 2; rotor Vers 1.0

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Posted by Manager   @   3 April 2010

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