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For a limited time only, Clan Analogue have made available a rare selection of dub-infused tunes with enough low-frequency oscillation to annoy all the residents of any neighbouring inner-city trendy apartment block. Inverted: Further Dub Selections is a bonus EP produced as a companion volume to the new compilation Clan Analogue In Version: Dub Selections.

Download from Bandcamp
Download from Bandcamp

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Whereas In Version contains new tracks produced by Clan Analogue artists using classic reggae basslines and guided by the craft of original Jamaican dub, the Inverted EP ranges from ambient experimentation through late-night club sounds to electronic pop and laptop rock, all with dub grooves underpinning the warm synth textures and spaced-out beats.

The Inverted EP is available as a bonus disc with the first pressing of the Clan Analogue In Version CD. It can also be purchased separately in digital form from iTunes.

Track Listing

1. Psyburbia vs winduptoys l Dub on Mars
2. valley forge™ l Reach Deep Inside
3. Deprogram l This is That
4. Apell l Wrinkled
5. Winduptoys l Double Dub

Originally released in 2006

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Posted by Manager   @   4 April 2010

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