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CA-LG101: 101 Lock Grooves | 28 Artists

A super-rare vinyl-only release containing 101 Lock Grooves. Just the thing for those long sets next time you’re DJing at a techno party! Compiled by Null Object.

Locked grooves by Globe, Zog, Nick Stojan vs Subscan, Duckjuggler, Carya Amara, Null Object, Paul Wroth, Evan On Earth, Blue Lotus, Sasquelch, Grimey, Starchy, Tiddwell with MC Attic, Kazumichi Grime, Carrier, DJ Toupee & Fletcher Munson, Subcontractor, Audiocephlon, Kklarence S Macabre, Kriz, The Loop Orchestra, Rafr, Wake Up and Listen, Red Martian

Originally released in 2001

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